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We help Companies & Organizations 
Gain a Unique and Distinctive 
Identity in the Conscious Living

Reveal your mission to YOUR community

We are an ethical Branding and Design Consultancy agency passionate about creating unique purpose-driven brand strategy and identities for health, wellness & environmentally focused companies and organizations - led by conscious innovators, big thinkers, and dreamers who want to change the world for the better. 

Crafting brands which redefine
the new world

We help businesses and organizations driven by improving the world: stand out from their peers, attract, and build durable relationships with the communities that resonate with their mission.

Our clients provide:

Mindful wellness offerings:
Wellness services, and/or innovative products bettering people's well-being and everyday lives.

Conscious living advocacy & alternatives:
environmentally friendly, sustainable, inclusive, and impactful solutions to live more consciously - mindful of the Earth.

Strategy led Design for heart-mind connected Companies and Organizations.

As a brand strategist with a team of international, conscious living oriented unicorn designers, we conceive and execute purposeful strategies into our designs that mindfully align with the goals of your entity and the needs of your community. Thus, creating impactful and memorable brand experiences for the ones who resonate with your mission.


Health, wellness & a clean environment for all are our drivers.

- Melissa D. Barry, founder 

We Create Meaning to touch the Hearts of your people.

To help you advocate sustainable, ethical, innovative, and mindful values, we create powerful intentional branding and design-driven CMS websites to (visually) build clear and compelling branded style & story for you stand out from your peers and speak to the minds and hearts of the communitie(s) who resonate with your mission of a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Part of the conscious living community ourselves, we create exceptional heart-mind experiences relevant to your field.

on the planet + people wellbeing 

Brands making a positive impact

Our Strategy Design Process

WAHAYU Agency accompanies you in increasing your brand identity by setting obtainable projections regarding your brand image and how people perceive your brand. Thanks to our team members’ experience, we will find creative solutions that are unique to you to profitably market and communicate about your products or service(s).

Brand Strategy

We work with Companies and Organizations of all sizes, whether their at the starting phase or the expansion one to: clarify their mission, (re)define their voice, understand their audience, and establish their goals.


We build inspiring brands that ignite passion and move people. Branding is the process of conveying a company's personality and values, creating a clear, consistent, and tailored experience that speak to the targeted audience and fosters long-term connections with them.

Digital Design

We implement your tailored development strategy in the digital world to ease navigating the transition between your ideal audience and the information they require to connect with your mission. We facilitate that process by building intuitive, and user-friendly centric websites that connect,  engage, captivate, and interact efficiently across multiple devices.

Areas of expertise



"Working with Wahayu Agency has been such a delight. Melissa is personable and intuitive, giving her an edge on building authentic rapport and tapping into the heart of anyone’s business identity. As a holistic practitioner, I really appreciated working with a strategist who also has a passion for all things wellness. Melissa thoughtfully guided me through a brand strategy design to zero in on what will most effectively speak to my ideal clients to ensure that my business attracts the right connections. I look forward to an ongoing partnership with Wahayu Agency to support the continuing growth and expansion of my business." 

Bethamie W., Bmoved Healing Therapies
- Wellness practitioner

Brand strategy - Website - branded materials 

"I had a really fantastic experience with the branding sessions. As a wellness practitioner, I knew the core values of my offerings but had always struggled finding my own distinct brand voice. Melissa walked me through each step with such a supportive, grounded and clear approach, helping me gain so much more clarity about what specifically makes my offerings powerful and unique.

Working together was invaluable, as she helped me feel more assured about how I could distinguish myself and move forward with communicating my brand. The work delivered was so beautiful and inspiring. It was incredible, it brought everything together, and sparked a new level of confidence in me. I am so grateful, and can’t recommend Melissa more highly! "

  Allison U., Color-shift

- HD ~ Feng Shui consultant

Brand strategy 

"I really enjoyed Wahayu Agency team professionalism. Working with them on my strategy and social media brought me a lot of clarity in the way I now intentionally present my coaching business online.


Their advice keeps on guiding me to this day.


Thank you for your support! ''

Mayanick R., MCS
Hypnotherapist, Enneagram coach

Brand strategy - Brand identity consultancy


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We work with clients internationally in English & French. We would be happy to exchange with you, answer to your questions and provide you with even more details. If you’d like to work with us, and hop on a free discovery call, fill out our enquiry form here!

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